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Taxation – Nishtar And Zafar



Taxation practice is the forte of our firm. Three of our partners have substantial time manning senior Civil Service positions in the Inland Revenue Service and have quality tax and legal education from the top law schools of the world. At the Bar they have represented clients successfully in various contentions case before the higher judicial forums. That allow us to proudly present our services ranging from planning of a tax-efficient transaction to representing our clients before the IRS/FBR and the judicial forums up to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. In addition to income/corporate taxation, and sales tax our tax practice covers federal and professional excises, provincial sales taxes, professional and trade taxes, property taxes, and other local-government taxes.

Our tax practice services include: transaction planning and restructuring; periodic review of accounting process and procedures; review of final accounts for tax provision and computation; preparation of the return and its annexure; handling assessment proceedings; appeals from the commissioner to Supreme Court; liaising with the Central Board of Revenue for finding administrative solutions to the controversial issues and seeking advance opinion of ambiguous statutory provisions; tax-effective salary structuring; and assisting the clients in ensuring timely and cost effective compliance such as withholding taxes and filing of periodical statements

Our Attorneys

Aziz Nishtar



Atir Aqeel Ansari



Shafqat Rasool